Here at Cloth & Stitch, we take pride in our pillows. We firmly believe that a fluffy throw pillow is the best kind of pillow. That’s why we want to provide you with the best methods for how to keep your pillows looking fluffed and fabulous!

Why Does My Cloth & Stitch Pillow Insert Seem Flat?

When your new Cloth & Stitch pillow inserts arrive, they might seem a little… flat. Believe it or not, we do this on purpose!

When our warehouse team packs up your inserts for shipping, your inserts are compressed down in order to fit into the smallest box possible. This is consciously done in order to keep our shipping rates as low as possible (smaller package = lower shipping cost!) and, in turn, maintain our ability to offer premium affordable throw pillow covers and inserts.

When a feather-filled pillow is fluffed the filling expands, thus contributing to the loft (or thickness) of the pillow. Generally, the greater the pillow loft, the fuller the pillow is. As you continue to fluff your new pillow using our instructions below, it will continue to expand to gradually restore its loft and fullness within.

We recommend fluffing your pillows often, especially in the first few weeks after you receive them, in order to encourage fill expansion and to maintain fullness. Additionally, the more a pillow is used (if on a living room couch, for example) the more fluffing it will require.

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How to Fluff a Down/ Feather Pillow

It’s time to give your down pillows a good fluff to restore fullness! This ensures that they look and feel their best before settling into their new home on top of your bed or nestled in the corner of your sofa.

  • Step 1: Take a corner of your pillow in each hand, then repeatedly bring your hands together and pull them apart rather vigorously. The goal is to get as much airflow into the filling as possible.
  • Step 2: Rotate your pillow 90°, then repeat Step 1. Repeat on all sides until all sides have been fluffed.
  • Step 3: Now, give the center of the pillow a couple of good hits/ punches to distribute the filling or air (we promise this doesn’t hurt them!)
  • Step 4: Voilà! Your pillow should now be looking fluffy and full. Feel free to give it a good “karate” chop on top for a designer-approved finishing touch!

For bolster pillow insertswe recommend following the same steps listed above. Since bolster cushions don't have corners to grip, simply hold each end of the cylinder pillow in one hand, then follow our fluffing steps.

How to Fluff a Synthetic Pillow Insert

To fluff up one of our down alternative (microfiber) or high fiber poly pillow inserts, we recommend simply shaking them out or massaging with your hands to manually distribute the fill. A few good hits with an open palm can also help quickly revitalize a flattened non-down pillow.


When it comes to sleeping pillows, everyone has their personal preference - some like them plush and squishy, while others prefer a more supportive spot to rest their head. Decorative pillows, on the other hand, rarely look good when they’ve fallen flat and floppy. Remember to fluff your pillows often to maintain fullness!
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