Choosing the best pillow inserts for you is an important decision.  There are many different variables to think about when making this choice.  Here at Cloth & Stitch we have two different pillow inserts available.  To help you make the best choice possible we have gathered the most valuable information about both inserts.

Down Feather:

 Down Feather Insert I Cloth & Stitch

Our Down Feather pillow inserts are made from 5% down and 95% grey duck feather.  They are constructed within a 100% tick-proof 230 thread count polyester outer shell.  Down Feather inserts are beneficial for many reasons.  To begin with, they are luxurious and high quality.  Because they are filled with feathers they are exceedingly comfortable and easily fluffed.  Here at Cloth & Stitch we recommend the karate chop approach to fluffing your pillows with two swift chops at each side of the pillow.  This will allow the feathers to breathe and provide optimal levels of fluffiness.  Furthermore, these inserts provide great support for your head and neck.  Our inserts are constructed to be very full and fluffy with 900-2200 grams of down/feather fill (based upon the size).  

Poly Insert:

 Poly Insert I Cloth & Stitch

Our 100% Poly Inserts are made with 100% Polyester Fiber filling encased in a Polypropylene cover.  These inserts are great for those looking for a high quality insert but are looking to avoid down feather inner cushion.  Poly inserts are celebrated because they require less maintenance than the down feather inserts and are much easier to clean.  These inserts are a bit thicker and hold their shape very well; therefore they provide great support.  Additionally, if you are someone that struggles with allergies our Poly Inserts are the best choice. 

Written by Merchandising Dept

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