Winward Throw Pillow Cover I Cloth & Stitch

This pillow cover is an outdoor classic.  With bright yellow and white stripes it will brighten any outdoor space.  Pair it with another pattern or bold and colorful solids to create the perfect outdoor theme.


Valerio Blue Sailboat Throw Pillow Cover I Cloth & Stitch

Bring Cape Cod to you with this gorgeous blue sailboat throw pillow cover.  It’s white and blue color palette make it easy to mix and match with other pillows.  The material allows it to be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces and even helps protect the colors from sun exposure!  This pillow will be an instant classic!


Thames Throw Pillow Cover I Cloth & Stitch

Add a whimsical element to your backyard with this bold throw pillow cover.  It’s fun graphic fish print makes it the perfect statement pillow.  It’s color scheme of blue and teal makes it easy to mix and match with our other pillow covers.  If you are looking for a coastal pillow with a bit of fun, this pillow cover is most certainly for you!

Spencer Throw Pillow Cover I Cloth & Stitch

Looking for an outdoor pillow that goes beyond the traditional patterns?  Our Spencer Throw Pillow Cover is an amazing choice. This pillow cover creates depth with an illustrated graphic that is reminiscent of the impressionist era of art history.  Packed with earthy tones set against bright pops of red, this pillow will make a great statement pillow to pair with any solids. 

Reagan Throw Pillow Cover I Cloth & Stitch

Our Reagan Throw Pillow Cover is bright and fun.  The bold use of yellow allows it to brighten any space and it’s graphic pineapple print not only adds an element of geometric design but also childlike fun.  If you're someone who gets playful with their home décor we highly recommend this pillow cover!

Lowell Throw Pillow Cover I Cloth & Stitch

This beautiful throw pillow cover makes great use of the complementary colors: blue and orange.  It’s bold pattern of ropes tied together is both modern and geometric while also being classically coastal.  With two shades of blue, one light and one dark, set against a vibrant orange with hints of white, this pillow can be easily paired with more patterns or solids in a wide array of colors.  The world is your oyster!



Written by Merchandising Dept

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