Warm earthy colors

Interior Design Trends for Fall I Cloth & Stitch

Warm earthy colors will continue to stay on trend as we approach the fall season.  When planning your design think classic autumn with warm reds and oranges thrown throughout.  Terracotta shades will see a massive increase in popularity.  Additionally, we will see a strong emergence of a sandstone color palette. 

Nature Inspired Design (Biophilic Design)

Interior Design Trends for Fall I Cloth & Stitch

Biophilic design is a method of interior design that works to increase connectivity with the natural world.  Covid taught many of us to appreciate nature more and not take it for granted.  Many city dwellers, stuck inside their apartments for months, began to crave natural elements in their homes and this craving hasn’t stopped.  Nature inspired patterns will become increasingly popular as will the use of more natural materials.  Furthermore, more and more we will see plants used as elements of décor as looking at nature has been shown to be beneficial for both our physical and mental health. 

Room Dividers and Partitions

Interior Design Trends for Fall I Cloth & Stitch

Open floor plans were the end all be all of interior design for years.  But, like many things, Covid changed all of that.  With more and more people spending increasing amounts of time at home the need for segmented space has never been greater.  Room dividers and partitions allow a sense of duality in the home.  You can create unique spaces when needed but, also, allow the open space to be used when entertaining.  

Texture! Texture! Texture!

Interior Design Trends for Fall I Cloth & Stitch

Perhaps the biggest trend we’re seeing emerge is the use of a wide variety of textures.  Use elements such as throw blankets, pillows, and other pieces to your advantage.  Using fabrics like luxe velvet in contrast with chunky knits will create dynamic thought provoking designs.  However, make sure to keep your palettes relatively simple in order to not create an overindulgent and overwhelming space.  If you’re really looking to push the envelope, try adding a textured wall. 

Green Walls

Interior Design Trends for Fall I Cloth & Stitch

Following the biophilic design trend, green walls will become even more popular in the coming season.  Green promotes a connection with nature that people are craving now more than ever.  Last year we saw green become a popular color but in place of more vibrant forest greens we will be seeing more muted olive toned greens. 

Eco-friendly Design

Interior Design Trends for Fall I Cloth & Stitch

Last year we saw a significant increase in eco-friendly design practices.  As more people grow concerned with the climate, many are deciding to take matters into their own hands and into their own homes.  While this trend has been slowly growing we will see it continue to boom as we go into the fall.  Expect to see less plastic in the home and more people buying used or upcycled goods.  Anything that is kind to Mother Earth can be expected to grow and stay on trend.

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