Color, especially when talking about interior design choices, is something that some people can’t live without, while others may find it a bit intimidating. It can be easy to go with the safer option and fall into the rut of only ever investing in solid, neutral color furniture, then accenting with smaller items that bring in your colors, textures, and patterns. While there’s nothing wrong with this style of decorating, of course, it can sometimes get a little boring, or never seem to quite capture that “magazine cover” look you might be aiming for.

Even if you really love the idea of turning your sofa into a statement or color pop element in your living space’s design scheme, you may now be wondering how you’re going to style your new trendy, colorful couch. Mixing prints, patterns, and solids is a little bit art and a little bit science- and we're here to help break it down for you! Keep reading to find out our top tips for using Cloth & Stitch pillows to style the latest trending sofa colors.

  • Green
  • When you read the words “green couch” your eyes may widen with concern thinking we’re talking about some striking lime green piece (though lime has its place!), but we’re thinking more in the direction of the softer and on-trend sage green that has been so prevalent in design trends the last few years. Sage and olive tones can be so muted that they basically become neutrals- taking the place of overdone tan and beige sectionals. Pair that stunning deep green with a couple of our printed throw pillows, and you’ve got the recipe for the chicest and earthiest couch around! Our Cazares print hits the nail on the head with the cactus and botanical trends, and is perfect for adding a little bit of character to your living room design. Pair it with a Randolph throw pillow on each end of the couch to create a fun sage, coral, and mustard color palette. Even though all 3 colors are vastly different, they are still analogous (close together on the color wheel), which means they still look great together.

  • Blue
  • The blue couches that are trending in 2022 aren’t just any blue, but rather striking navies and cobalts. With such a deep color as a backdrop, now’s the time to focus less on color mixing and more on adding pattern and texture. With a color so close to the ultimate blank canvas (AKA black), you have lots of creative freedom here- regardless of if the blue couch is leather, fabric, sectional, chesterfield, etc. Keeping everything solid wouldn’t look bad against a navy, but adding an intricate pattern that incorporates different shades, like this Middleton Pillow Cover, adds a lot more interest and balance to the sofa- helping the space look less flat. By placing our Neal Pillow Cover behind that, you incorporate another coordinating shade of blue and add more texture with the velvet, without competing with the busy Middleton pattern. Also, we love this Deleon Pillow Cover for a bit of glamor- nothing screams “art deco” like geometric navy and gold!

  • Pink
  • Pink is probably the most difficult couch color on this list to style due to its heavy associations with being a “feminine” color, which can make it not seem ideal for the family/ neutral areas of a home. With the right accents and color choices, though, a pink sofa can blend seamlessly with your interior design without looking too pink. Just like the green and blue couches we discussed above, the shade of pink also plays a major role in making your colorful couch work. When talking about a pink couch, you’re probably referring to a blush shade, or “baby pink.” This soft, muted color makes styling a bit easier than a hot pink or magenta couch would.

    For a blush velvet sofa or chaise, we suggest keeping the accents simple and letting the couch do (most of) the talking! Try adding a white faux fur throw pillow for an understated, yet luxurious touch. For a traditional cotton or polyester upholstered pink couch, we recommend flanking either side with an interesting monochrome, like this Lauryn Throw Pillow Cover, or keep simple with a textured medium gray pillow.


    Color, personal expression, and bending the longstanding “rules” of interior design are what’s really in for 2022 and beyond. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and pattern and to let your creativity flow!

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    Written by Merchandising Dept

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