With springtime just around the corner a lot of people are looking for easy ways to spice up their homes and invite a more “springtime” feel to their living spaces.  Luckily enough there are many different ways to update your home without having to break the bank.

Add Bright Colors

Get Your Home Ready for Spring I Cloth & Stitch

We all know that spring is a time of rebirth and renewal.  Animals come out from hibernation, the flowers come back, and for some the sun.  It is a time for fresh beginnings.  One easy way to breathe life back into your home is to add some fun bright colors.  There are a couple easy ways to do this.  One of the easiest ways to add some color to your home is with some new throw pillows.  Pillows can make a space and if you’re looking to invite some color to your home adding some new pillows can be a great way to start.  Here at Cloth & Stitch we have hundreds of unique fabrics that can liven up any space.

If you’re looking for something a bit more bold consider painting a wall or even an entire room a brand new color.  Adding a pop of pastel to your home will not only make the space more inviting it can also make your home feel more up to date with this season’s trends.

Use More Floral Prints

As we all know Springtime means flowers.  Utilizing floral prints in your home can help welcome the change in season in addition to adding some color.  You can do this with some new throw pillows, blankets, or even new curtains and other window treatments.  No matter how you decide to use the prints, adding fun florals to your home is always a good call during springtime.

Add flowers and Other Plants 

Get Your Home Ready for Spring I DharmaCrafts

Using flowers or other plants in your home scientifically makes us feel better.  The color green has been shown to help keep us calm and happy.  Additionally, flowers make great centerpieces for more formal events but can also simply brighten up a room when used on a bedside table or kitchen island. 

Use Lighter Fabrics

Adding lighter fabrics both in color and fabric type is a great way to welcome spring into your home.  Springtime generally means the world is warming up and making way for summer.  That means it’s time to put away furs and thick throw blankets.  Invite some light linens into your home.  Additionally, utilizing pastel and neutral colors can make a room seem bigger and brighter.

Swap Out Window Treatments

Get Your Home Ready for Spring I Cloth & Stitch

If you currently have thick heavy curtains it may be time for a change.  With the coming of spring consider swapping out your heavy curtains with some classic linen sheers or other light fabrics.  Let in some light it’s springtime!

Update Patio Décor 

Get Your Home Ready for Spring I Cloth & Stitch

We know that the past year we have spent more time outside than ever before, so why not spice up the patio.  Social distancing is not going away so take any one of our previous tips and make your patio something to be proud of.  Whether it’s adding some new outdoor pillows or a new linen blanket there are so many choices!

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