The pillows on your bed are essential to a good night’s rest. But, besides giving you support and keeping you comfortable, they can look beautiful and complement your bedroom’s décor. Keeping your pillows fluffy and arranging them in a visually pleasing way will achieve both of these aims. 


Fluffing Your Pillows

Over time your pillows will get less fluffy. They may become flat and less comfortable to sleep on. This is because it loses air and, in some cases, the filling clumps together. 

You can fix this (or prevent it) by fluffing your pillows. There are a few different ways to fluff your pillows. The first way is to fluff it by hand. To do this, simply hold on to the two shorter sides with each hand. Then push your hands together and then pull them apart rather vigorously. You can also give it a few good hits or punches. The aim is to get more air circulating through your pillow.

A different method is to place your pillow in the dryer. Before you do this, check the manufacturer’s instructions. Some pillows can be ruined if they are placed in the dryer, while others will be okay as long as you use a low-heat setting. You will need to add an agitator to the dryer. This is something that will tumble around and loosen the fibers of the filling by knocking into the pillow. Anything that is relatively firm and small and that won’t harm your dryer will work. This could be something like a stuffed toy or tennis ball in a tube sock. 

Once you have fluffed your pillow, place it outside to encourage even more airflow in the filling. Remember to do this when the weather is dry and sunny. 

Arranging Your Pillows

You could just toss your pillows on the head of your bed and call it a job well done. But, arranging your pillows will make your bed look more inviting. It can even become a design feature that enhances the look and feel of your entire bedroom. 

There are a few things that you can do to make your pillow arrangement a standout feature. Firstly, consider the number of pillows. Using an odd number of pillows creates visual interest. As does using different prints and textured pillows. 

However, having too many different prints or textures could be too busy and create the opposite of the calming effect that you want to have in your bedroom. To avoid this, balance prints with complimenting solid colors. 

Fluffing your pillows before placing them on your bed will not only ensure that they are comfortable to sleep on, but it looks beautiful and inviting. Some people like chopping their pillows at the top, in the center of the long edge. For a more subtle effect, try pulling the top corners up gently. This will allow the middle section to sag slightly. 

Regularly fluffing your pillows will give you a better night’s sleep. Having fluffy pillows on your bed and arranging them well can make your bed a design feature. This can make your bed look inviting and cultivate a feeling of peace and calm in your bedroom.

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