What is Boho Decor?

Boho decor is a style of interior design that is meant to counteract the stress and pressures of modern society.  This style emphasizes creating a beautiful home that is both comfortable and eclectic.  Not every item in the home has to directly “match” but it must feel cohesive.  This style was originally inspired by those who choose to live unconventional lifestyles and not feel pressure from society’s standards.  Boho decor can sometimes be more overwhelming than other styles but when executed properly it is the perfect blend of fashion, fun, and comfort.  Keep reading for some easy tips and tricks to create your dream boho space.

Easy Tips for the Perfect Bohemian Oasis I Cloth & Stitch

Pick the right colors

Colors are important in any interior design plan, this is no different when applying them to a bohemian chic look.  Metallic and jewel tones when used properly can help create a fun and vibrant living environment.  In addition, earthy colors are always a good choice when designing a more bohemian space.  Part of the inspiration behind the “boho chic” trend is the earth itself.  Using deep browns and greens can help keep your home from getting too overwhelming in this trend.  If you can integrate soothing ocean blues into your home this will also help to keep your home calm even with an assortment of decorative items to perfect your boho chic space. 

Add Decorative Items

An array of ornamental items is key to any truly bohemian space.  Part of the foundation of boho chic is simply a mix of objects that make you happy, as one of the foundations of this style of design is happiness and comfort.  When adding these items, don’t hold back.  Boho chic requires a “more is more” feeling.  Minimalism has a very small place in this realm of designs.  Making use of pillows, curtains, and rugs are staples of boho chic.  Top it all off with some of your favorite art pieces to create a bohemian space just for you.

Easy Tips for the Perfect Bohemian Oasis I Cloth & Stitch

Second Hand Items are Great

Buying second hand items is a great way to add an eclectic element to your home.  Used furniture often has a look of being more worn in and can help create a “cozy” environment in your home.  Similarly used furniture tends to have more character than brand new furniture and is not restricted to the latest trends.  If you want your space to be truly unique to you try buying used furniture and giving it a fresh coat of paint or a new wood stain; any small change to make the piece truly yours.

Lots of textures and fun fabrics

As discussed earlier, throw pillows are a dominant feature in most bohemian spaces.  When choosing your throw pillows don’t strain yourself to have them all match perfectly; mix and matched patterns with a cohesive color palette can be an extremely effective way to create a fun and cozy space.  When in doubt, start with some bold Ikat fabrics and go from there!  Furthermore, tapestries are another celebrated way to add texture and color to a home.  The more color the better!

Low level seating

Bohemian chic design is all about creating a comfortable and chill living space.  In a home with this style of interior design you want family and friends to feel a warm inviting atmosphere, one that makes them want to sit down and stay for a while.  Low level seating creates this environment.  Placing low level couches around a coffee table is a great way to create a comfortable but also interactive space that allows your guests to stay and hang out.

Easy Tips for the Perfect Bohemian Oasis I Cloth & Stitch

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