Fun Boho Pillows

May Throw Pillow Cover

Mays Throw Pillow Cover I Cloth & StitchThis fun boho pillow is a modern masterpiece.  The enjoyable use of color provides a wide array of design options.  With playful pops of teal, red, yellow, and brown set against a beige background the multitude of colors allows you to continue using this cover even as you switch out others and play with different color schemes.  If you’re someone who loves color and bohemian style then this pillow is perfect for you!

Roman Throw Pillow Cover

Roman Throw Pillow Cover I Cloth & Stitch

This pillow cover features contrasting shades of grey both warm and cool.  Additionally, it’s bold and beautiful ikat pattern makes it the perfect pillow for any bohemian paradise.  Due to its color palette this pillow is a perfect addition to any boho styled room and can be either a focal point of your design or a fun item to add on.

Benitez Throw Pillow Cover

Benitez Throw Pillow Cover I Cloth & Stitch

This pillow cover utilizes two vibrant shades of blue.  This fun ikat patterned is a more simplified piece that makes it an extremely versatile pillow.  Whether you need it to be a statement piece or a pillow to pair with others, its use of color and design give you a multitude of options.


Classy Contemporary Pillows

Sion Throw Pillow Cover

Sion Throw Pillow Cover I Cloth & Stitch

Show your roommates your innate sense of design with this fun graphic print.  This pillow’s bold use of the color red makes it the perfect statement pillow for your college dorm.  The zebra details in black, white and brown give life to this accent cushion cover as contrasted with a deep red background. It comes in different color options which you can pair in multiples.

Snell Throw Pillow Cover

Snell Throw Pillow Cover I Cloth & StitchBring nature into your dorm room with this bold tropical print.  This pillow cover employs a vibrant green pattern set against a white background.  This color combination is both classic and refreshing.  Pair it with more colorful pillows to create a beautiful oasis in your own home.  You can even match it to your plants!


Seaward Throw Pillow Cover

Seaward Throw Pillow Cover I Cloth & Stitch


Preppy Throw Pillows

Hemlock Throw Pillow Cover

Hemlock Throw Pillow Cover I Cloth & StitchIf you are looking for a clean and classic look to your college dorm room this pillow is perfect for you.  The color palette of navy and white is one of the most multifunctional color schemes out there.  This quintessential pattern is perfect for anyone looking to design a cohesive space.

Bissonnette Throw Pillow Cover

Bissonnette Throw Pillow Cover I Cloth & StitchThis bright plaid pillow is perfect for anyone looking to create a classic roomscape with pops of vivid colors.  Pair this pillow with another pattern or solid to complete your room.

 Kidd Throw Pillow Cover

Kidd Throw Pillow Cover I Cloth & Stitch

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