Add some fun to your home with this nautical themed pillow.  This pillow offers a vibrant blue hue against a white background.  Not only is this color combination considered a classic, but the bold fish pattern accentuates it’s timelessness.  While blue has consistently remained a popular color in interior design, amongst other areas, blue is particularly in demand for this summer.  This pillow can be easily partnered with other pillows and makes an excellent statement piece.  If you are looking to add a coastal element to your home look no further, this is the pillow for you!   
5 Pillows You Need This Summer I Cloth & Stitch
Our Peabody Throw Pillow Cover will bring a subtle elegance to any space.  The fabric is made of a soft warm brown that is reminiscent of nature and brings a calming element to your home.  One of the biggest summer décor trends of 2021 is cottagecore.  If you are looking to add more cottagecore ideas to your home this pillow is a great addition.  It aligns with the cottagecore color themes, in addition to bringing out elements of nature and romance.  It offers a delicate floral pattern that softens a room while keeping the space cozy and natural.  This pillow will easily pair with other pillows and décor items in your home.
5 Pillows You Need This Summer I Cloth & Stitch
If you have been following the décor trends of summer 2021 you know that this summer is all about nature and looking natural.  This pillow cover is the perfect combination of natural brown hues and a fun geometric pattern.  The leaves weave around the pillow creating a beautiful and dynamic pattern that offers a creative use of negative space.  If you are looking to add a pillow that grows in beauty the more you look at it, then our Skiles Throw Pillow Cover is definitely for you.
5 Pillows You Need This Summer I Cloth & Stitch

Elevate your home with this beautiful green pillow cover.  This green hue is soft, natural, and will add elegance to any home.  This particular shade of green can create a calming space in your home or be used as a pop of color against lighter neutral tones.  The fun geometric pattern further enhances its beauty and makes it the perfect statement pillow.

5 Pillows You Need This Summer I Cloth & Stitch

Waltham Throw Pillow Cover

This stunning pillow cover is reminiscent of the ocean.  A mix of light dreamy blue hues are placed in a delicate ikat-inspired pattern.  Boho chic has never been this charming.  This pillow perfectly encapsulates the summer décor trends this year.  Not only does it offer light calming blues but it’s ikat-inspired pattern is both bohemian and nostalgic for the ocean and all things natural.  Add this pillow to your home to soften a space and make it truly ready for all things summer.

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