It’s never too early in the season to start getting into summer mode and planning out your vacation home décor. Whether you are planning to freshen up your beach house for the summer or you simply want to pay tribute to your love of the shore, these stylish beachy throw pillows will give your home the coastal vibe you crave.


nautical throw pillows

Gamboola Nautical Pillow Navy, Enye Coastal Pillow Ash, Hobson Coastal Pillow Blue

We love these neutral toned, nautical-inspired throw pillows for their beautiful patterns and the playful touch they’ll add to your vacation home. Whether you’re a sailing aficionado or not, these pillows are the perfect way to liven up your space. Plus, these prints are neutral enough to pair well with any nautical-inspired artwork you have on your walls.


coastal throw pillows

Accalia Coastal Pillow Navy Blue, Brighton Coastal Pillow Ocean, Valo Coastal Pillow Blue

Make a splash with coastal-inspired throw pillows. These calm and refreshing decor pieces will bring the sea to your home and pair perfectly with other beachy decor pieces you already have.


neutral coastal throw pillows

Gabirel Striped Pillow Light Blue, Ninian Solid Pillow Blue, Mabel Solid Pillow Khaki

If you are sticking with a simple, clean vibe in your vacation home, a neutral throw pillow is the best way to accent your space. Not only will these neutral colors complement the various decor in your home, but they will also perk up your space to give it a comfy, homey feel.  If the solid colors are a little too neutral for you, we personally love adding in a muted striped pillow for a touch of interest to the room.


patterned beachy throw pillows

Xen Coastal Pillow Espresso, Ilene Coastal Pillow Red, Hafwen Coastal Pillow Navy Blue

These patterned throw pillows will be sure to instantly transform your living space and give you the beachy vibe you’ve been looking for. The Xen Coastal Pillow in Espresso will pair nicely with a beige toned room while the Ilene Coastal Pillow in Red will add a pop of color to a muted space. If you are really looking to liven things up, you might want to consider pairing the Hafwen Coastal Pillow in Navy with a fun striped throw for a bit of contrast.


striped beachy throw pillows

Acantha Stripes Pillow Coastal Blue, Acantha Stripes Pillow Coastal Yellow, Gabirel Striped Pillow Pepper

When you think of coastal décor the first thing that pops into your head is stripes.  Striped beach towels, umbrellas and chairs are all iconic items that bring back fond beach memories. If you’re looking to add this element into your home, we love these striking striped pillows to add a contemporary vibe to your vacation home. Whether you are going for an airy color palette like blue and white, are looking for something a bit more cheerful and bright like yellow, or something bolder like red, these pillows will be sure to enhance the look of your living room, bedroom or lounge area.

Written by Kyle Tager

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