You’ve heard that switching out throw pillows is an easy way to change up your decor throughout the seasons (and the years as you redecorate)! But if you don’t want to schedule in time to shop for new throw pillow covers every few months, consider stocking up on a few of the best basic pillow covers so you can switch up your style whenever the mood strikes.

A White or Dark Throw Pillow Covers

throw pillow cover white 

throw pillow cover gray
Breathe new life into your space by simply switching out one of your throw pillow covers for something neutral like this solid white one. With a textured detail and a classic hue, this accent pillow helps make your room feel clean and modern without overwhelming the space. On the other hand, if your room is reading a bit too light, you can always balance out your space by adding in a darker throw to keep things from being too stale.


throw pillow cover velvet

A velvet throw pillow is an easy way to update your room without breaking the bank. The plush fabric adds a touch of elegance and is the perfect way to cozy up your room in the fall and winter months.


   throw pillow cover stripe throw pillow cover blue stripe

A classic striped throw pillow lends texture and dimensions to your space. For a modern room, swap out one of your throw pillows with a classic black and white cover. For a contemporary look, offset your beige and grey pillows with something a bit more colorful like this subtle striped one.


throw pillow cover leather

Give your sofa or armchair a sleek upgrade with a luxe leather throw pillow. This rugged, yet sleek fabric is the perfect way to refresh you room. Plus, its versatile design makes it the perfect complement to any graphic, floral or printed throw pillows you already have in your space.

Faux Fur

throw pillow cover fur

Nothing livens up a space quite like a faux fur throw pillow. Whether you’re looking to go bold with a striking animal print, or just want to add a bit of comfort and luxury to your room with a solid faux fur throw cover, you can’t go wrong with this fabric, no matter what time of year it is.


throw pillow cover linen

Linen throw pillows are a staple in any living space. Their light fabric makes styling with them a breeze, and their popularity means the pattern options are endless.

Solidsthrow pillow cover red

Every room needs a solid throw to keep things simple and tie your space together. Start by choosing a pillow in the accent color you chose for your room as this will help to keep everything cohesive.


throw pillow cover silk

Whether your room reads formal or casual, you can’t go wrong with a silk throw pillow. This sumptuous fabric adds subtle texture to your space and its plush feel will have you and your family reaching for this throw whenever you want to lounge on the couch.


throw pillow cover patterned

Every space needs a little bit of pattern to keep the room visually appealing. Whether you opt for an intricate chinoiserie, a classic floral, or an eye-catching zigzag print, a little bit of pattern is a must for any room.

Written by Kyle Tager

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